We are a company specialized in the commercialization of products worldwide.

We work with producers and manufacturers of products, ensuring a transparent,traceable and accountable supply chain from transparent,traceable and responsible supply chain from production to the end customer.

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Our providers

We work with producers and industries globally, suporting them with customized services and innovative technologies to develop and improve sustainable practices, whit the goal of devoloping the highest quality products

Nutritional trends

From plant-based proteins to proteins to probiotics, we are developing new nutritional trends, working back-to-back whit our customers to create customized and delicious solutions from nature to meet consumer preferences

Innovation & Development

Our innovation and expertise are helping people live healthier lives with the best products in their homes and businesses.Around the world, our suppliers provide innovative solutions for consumers.

We act globally but think locally

Our global footprint combines with local knowledge to give us capabilities that few companies have, ensuring that we source the best products in multiple categories from around the world for our customers, wherever they are.


Our Mission.

We are a company dedicated to the commercialization and export of a wide variety of fresh and processed fruits, with the highest levels of quality and safety standrs and processed fruits, with the highest levels of quality and innocuousness; committed to the protection environment, respect for human rights the environment, respect for human rights, the community and the sustainable development of the country. We position our products taking into account the requirements of our the requirements of our customers and the welfare of consumers.


We project a positive image of the company and our country, generating profitability, employment and stability for our employees, suppliers and shareholders, associating ourselves with the Colombian agricultural sector.


Our Vision.

To strengthen our position in international markets in the next 5 years while being profitable and with absolute respect for our production partners, the final consumer and the environment. profitable and with absolute respect for our production partners, the end consumer, the environment and human rights. environment and human rights:

  • Maintaining and expanding markets by offering innovative value-added products.
  • Building loyalty in each of our customers in the long term by fulfilling their requirements, focusing on the profitability of the production chain. requirements, focusing on the profitability of the production chain.
  • Preserving the environment through research and the implementation of strategies focused on clean agriculture through strategies focused on clean agriculture through the sensitization of all the stakeholders and environmental sustainability.
  • Respecting human rights as a fundamental pillar among workers, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community.

Our  Team

Javier lopez

General manager


Lina Ruiz

Head of purchasing department


Irma acosta

Production Manager


Jennifer Casallas

Quality department